Quality, Tradition, Innovation.

Three words that summarize the productive philosophy of our company.

Two new modern factories with advanced equipment and a family property with more than 170 years of experience in the trade, combine perfectly the tradition of the quality handmade product with the most innovative ideas in the field of excellence bakery products.

Prato Products

Filoncini Rustici

The originals. A specialty for connoisseurs.

Filoncini Rustici Bio

With 3 seeds or sesame.

I Piemontesi

Extra virgin olive oil, water, rice oil, corn and whole wheat flour.


Light and crumbly, they are a real specialty appreciated for their particular tenderness.

I Rubatà

Extra virgin olive oil, subtle and with an unmistakable taste.

Pan dei nonni

A tender rind, with extra virgin olive oil.

Le “Lingue Lunghe” without yeast

With olive oil, rosemary and olives.

Pipino & Fino Products



Vecchia Torino 1848

The Ancient Grisse


With Cereals and Ancient Grains


New Flavors